Domain registrars review | price comparison | features

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  1. Namecheap
  2. Google domain
  3. Dreamhost
  4. Dynadot
  5. Godaddy
  6. Bluehost
  7. Hostgator
  8. Hostinger
  9. Siteground

Hello friends if you want to build a website or blog in 2021 then this blog definitely for you.You can purchase domain from top domain registrars.


First we talk about namecheap domain registrars,here you can buy domain at low price.You can buy a .com at $8.88/y for first year and if you want to renew .If you want to renew your domain you will pay some more and you can buy .net at $10.98/y & .org on $9.18/y
you will get great features at low price.

Google domain

Google domain is really good option to purchase domain,you can buy .com, .net, .org at same price $12/y, $12/y, $12/y and renew with same price every year.

Whoisguard (privacy protection) is free here. namecheap and google domain both are good options to buy domain.


Dreamhost also a good one options to buying domain,you can buy a .com at $6.99/y for first year.You can also buy .net at $10.99/y and .org at $11.99/y.You will need to pay extra money for domain renew.If you buy domain here then you will get free privacy protection.


Dynadot is also good option to buy domain, you can buy top level domain at low cost.Domain renew is also not costly.

You will get privacy protection here at free cost and no hidden charge.

.com .net .org
Namecheap $8.88/y $10.98/y $9.18/y
Google domain $12/y $12/y $12/y
Dreamhost $6.99/y $10.99/y $11.99/y
Dynadot —- —- —-
Godaddy $8.99*/y $14.99*/y $9.99/y
Hostgator$12.95/y $12.95/y $12.95/y
Hostinger $8.99/y —- —-
Bluehost$12.99/y $14.99/y $9.99/y


Now we will discuss about most domain registrars “godaddy”.You can buy a .com at $8.99*/y for first year. If you buy a domain from godaddy you can see some hidden charge here.Other tld you can buy .net at $14.99*/y & .org at $9.99*/y.For domain renew,you will need to pay some more
If we talk about features you will have good features but you will not have privacy protection.


Bluehost also a good option for buying domain, Here you can buy a .com at $12.99/y for first year. If you want to buy domain here this will be little costly for you.You can buy .net at $14.99/y and .org at $9.99/y.

Costly plans and you will get privacy protection with extra spend.


Hostgator one more provider,hostgator provide many plans for purchasing domains .We can buy a .com at $12.95/y for first year And .net &.org with same price.

You will not have privacy protection at free cost and migration not free.


Hostinger is also options for buying domain but you will not have enough tld option. you can buy .com at $8.99/y for first year.
whoisguard (privacy protection)not free here.


Siteground also one more domain provider,you can purchase .Com at $15.95/y for first year.And .net & .org with same price $17.95/y

privacy protection and domain migration not free.

whoisguardCustomer supportMigration Management
Namecheap Free Good Free Easy
Google domain Free Good Free Easy
Dreamhost Free Good Not free Easy
Dynadot Free Good Not free Easy
Godaddy Not free Good Not free Easy
Hostgator Not free Good Not free Easy
Hostinger Not free Good Not free Easy
Bluehost Not free Good Not free Easy
Siteground Not free Good Not free Easy