Favour Abalogu

Are you looking to hire a writer who understands your industry and knows how to engage your audience best?

You’re in the right place.

I’m Favour Abalogu, a professional writer who specializes in writing insightful content (eBooks/eCourses, blog posts, newsletters, web copy, etc.) for bloggers, coaches, consultants, and brands in the personal development niche.

Why Hire Me?

First, you can confidently hire me because I know my onions well.

My articles have been featured in top publications such as The Huffington Post, ThriveGlobal, Addicted2Success, Mindbodygreen, etc.

Second, I'm the perfect writer for the job because I deliver quality content, always!

I’ve been writing in the personal development industry for a couple of years. Over this period, I’ve learned how to write articles that trigger certain emotions in readers, and pieces of content that leave readers energized and motivated.

Do you want an article that’ll make your audience feel powerful, ready to "take over the world"? I can write it!

Do you want a piece of copy that’ll compel readers to take any action you want them to take? I can craft it!

Do you want a newsletter that’ll increase the productivity levels of your audience? I can compose it!

Whatever your writing need may be, with my vast knowledge about self-development, I can help to create quality pieces of content that you (and your readers) would love.


Do I create unique, engaging content because I have a magic wand, a hat, and little bunny on my desk? No!

I create quality self-help content because I have a mission to fulfill.

As a writer, I’m on a mission to help a million people succeed, live the life of their dreams, and crush every single goal they set for themselves—no matter the circumstances surrounding them.

If you need someone to create engaging and insightful content your audience would love to devour, kindly check out my services or go straight to my contact page.

You can see my recent pieces here.

On a final note...

My mission in life is simple:

To save lives!

We can do this together.

Shall we? 🙂