Do You Need a Writer with a Good Knowledge of SEO, Copywriting, Blogging, and Marketing?


Yes. That's Me! 🙂

You’re in the right place!

I’m Favour Abalogu, a professional content creator, copywriter, and content marketing strategist for hire.

I work with anyone—CEO, Brand, Blogger, Marketer, etc.—who knows the value of good content.

No ... it’s not what you’re thinking!

Working with “anyone” doesn’t mean I do everything.

I don’t do graphic design.

I don’t do website development.

I don’t do social media management.

Not because I don’t know how to do these things, but because there is one area I love the most. A field in which my expertise is seen and my creativity bursts out at its peak.

I’m good at various things. But, I do one best:


When it’s time to work, I don’t force it. It just comes naturally.

The words. The ideas. The style.

Do I find it easy to produce good content because I have a magic wand, a hat, and little bunny behind my desktop? No. Far from it.

I create good, high-converting content because, through personal experience, I’ve learned how it’s done. Over time, I’ve learned the art of persuasion, studied the anatomy of high-converting web copy, and discovered the secrets to creating quality web content.

As a professional writer, I don’t fail to add beautiful colors to any project I handle.

And guess whose project is next in line?


Kindly head over to my services page and pick a service you need at the moment.

When you are done choosing, send an email to, or use the contact form on this page.

If there’s any perfect time to prioritize content marketing, it’s now.

Remember, a dozen of your competitors have embraced content marketing (and are seeing positive results already).

If you don’t act now, they may dominate the market.

But if we discuss your next project and take a step forward, you might become the next big brand to watch out for.

Ready to take the lead?

We’ve got this! 🙂