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I’m Favour Abalogu, a professional freelance writer, creative copywriter, and passionate blogger. I work closely with professional coaches, bloggers, consultants, and brands in the personal development niche, and write about success, productivity, goals, and happiness. When I’m neither writing, researching nor brainstorming, I can be found reading a book (likely an eBook), listening to good music (blues or gospel), or watching animals & nature documentaries (especially ones of snakes and the big cats).

Hire a writer who knows the best way to make your readers feel more powerful—via words

Unique Qualities

Why Choose Me?
Do I exceed deadlines? No! When you hire me to create a piece of content, I won’t spend an entire month (or two) doing it. I deliver every assignment before the agreed deadline and never (or rarely, in cases of huge copywriting projects) request for additional time or give excuses.
I don’t write to add to the existing number. If you hire me to write, say a blog post, I won’t just lift recycled “gobbledegook” from the internet, but create a fresh piece of content that’s worth reading and sharing. I’ll also ensure every claim I make in my writing is backed by statistics and studies from reliable sources.
Easy and effective communication yields excellent results, every time. Knowing this, when you hire me to write, I’ll always keep you up-to-date with my progress on your project. And when there's a need to discuss over the phone, I’ll make sure I make out time even when your time zone disfavors me.

I'm on a mission to help a million people live the life of their dreams—no matter what!


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