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Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m Favour Abalogu, a professional content creator, creative conversion specialist, and passionate blogger. I work closely with brands and CEOs, providing premium-level web content, high-converting copy, and engaging blog posts/articles. When I’m neither writing, researching or brainstorming, I can be seen reading a book, listening to good music (blues or gospel), or watching animals & nature documentaries.

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It doesn't take a century to write a piece of copy, for example, a Facebook Ad. Once I’m hired for a project, I start working immediately. And, before the deadline, I make sure every project is completed. No excuses. No stories. No requesting additional time.
If it's not up to the expected quality, I rewrite it! When I’m contacted for a piece of copy, I put in all it takes to make the copy unique—many hours of brainstorming, research, and a few late nights. The result? High-converting copy that sells.
I go out of my way now and then to ensure I’m available when a client needs help with anything. For instance, if a client abroad schedules a call to discuss a need, I make sure I show up on time—even when there’s a huge difference in time zones.

I help Brands and goal-oriented Entrepreneurs exceed their income goals, every time!


I Can Help With...
I make life easy for success-driven entrepreneurs by helping them create premium-level articles while they focus on other primary assignments. Also, for top executives who want to gain more authority and be recognized as thought leaders in their industry, I help them create quality articles, then get it published in popular and highly reputable publications.
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Having a blog is one thing, and having good content that engages is another. With my sound knowledge of blogging, SEO, and writing, I help brands and bloggers manage their blogs by creating engaging and informative blog posts on a bi-weekly, weekly, or bi-monthly basis. I also write premium-level Case studies, eBooks, White papers and Press releases.
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I help B2B/B2C brands write copy that generates sales. From Facebook Ads to landing pages to email autoresponder series to newsletters, etc., I use carefully selected and well-crafted words to compel people to take action. And when there’s no solid content marketing strategy available, I create one and execute it, too. Positive ROI, guaranteed.
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